SellerDash Live Shipping Rates Calculator For your Shopify Store

Improve your conversion rate and increase your profit! Display real time accurate shipping rates in your Shopify store checkout to help customers convert and to ensure you don't lose money when shipping.

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Carrier Integrations

We have a growing list of carrier connections to provide live shipping rates in your Shopify checkout.

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Provide real time accurate shipping quotes in your Shopify store using your carrier accounts.

Connect your carrier accounts

Connect your carrier accounts to your Shopify store and enable them to get real time shipping quotes in your cart. Carriers are easy to connect, and you can configure service names, rules and much more within each one.

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Update product dimensions quickly and easily

Not only have we made adding carriers simple, we have also built in a world class product editing tool that is super quick and super easy to use. Add or update product dimensions for all or any of your store items. Works with stores from one SKU to thousands!

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Set shipping rules to optimise your quoting

You need some flexibility? No problem. Set shipping rules for each carrier to enable rules like min and max basket size for rates to appear, free shipping and thresholds and much much more.

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We support a growing range of carriers, with custom quoting rules available for each one. Choose between standard or account rates, and manage carriers easily

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Product Dimensions

Shopify doesn't have a great tool to add/modify product dimensions. So we wrote a great one, included in SellerDash Live Shipping Rates Calculator for free!

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Shipping Rules

Set custom rules for free shipping, min free shipping, add or remove margin to quotes, enable/disable quotes for price ranges and much more. Complete flexibility for your rate quoting

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Pricing plan

One simple monthly plan with ALL features included!

A simple low monthly fee gives you access to ALL features, ALL carriers and our super fast, super easy to use product dimension editing tool. Billing is done via your Shopify account, and our app works for Shopify stores of all types (Basic to Plus)

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Custom Pricing rules
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Product Attributes Editor
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using live chat or via our contact us page.

Does this work with all Shopify account subscriptions?

Yes, this app will work for all Shopify account plans including Basic, Standard, Advanced and Plus accounts. For Basic plans you will need to enable Carrier Calculated Shipping. This can be enabled for free by converting your Basic Plan to annual billing or by payment of a monthly fee to Shopify of $US20 per month

Does this app work only for Shopify?

Yes, at this point the app is only available for Shopify stores. Join our newsletter list below if you want to be notified of new features and additions.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can cancel a subscription at any time when logged in to your Shopify account. Shopify will then adjust your billing.

How long are your contracts?

Currently, we offer a monthly subscription. You can upgrade or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.

Do you have a free trial?

We offer a free trial of 14 days. We feel this gives users plenty of time to install the app, connect carriers and test functionality.

Can I request refund?

Unfortunately, not. We do not issue full or partial refunds for any reason. We offer a free trial to evaluate the app.

What carriers do you integrate with?

For an up to date list of carriers we integrate with you can view our Shopify app store listing page here.

How much is this app?

The Live Shipping Rates Calculator app is $9.99 USD per month. Once you subscribe to the app, Shopify bills you as part of your monthly invoice.

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