How to change City to Suburb in Shopify checkout

Lots of our app customers will get addressing issues.

These can happen when customers type in an incorrect address in Shopify checkout when placing orders. Sometimes it is a keying mistake, and other times it can be caused by some confusion with checkout field names.

When our app imports your Shopify orders we send the address details (city/suburb and postcode) to Australia Post systems and they verify that the city/suburb and postcode are a match. if not, it needs to be fixed (and our app will tell you and give you suggestions!).

But one of the easiest ways to resolve these issues is to make a change in your Shopify store checkout to try and ensure less errors are made by customers.

As many customers think city might be ‘Melbourne’, even though they live in a suburb within Melbourne, they might enter Melbourne as the city, and postcode of, lets say 3136 (which is Croydon).

So to resolve this, we can simply change the label of the ‘City’ field in the Shopify checkout to something Australian’s are more familiar with like ‘Suburb’ or ‘Suburb/Town’

Watch the video below!

Change 'City' to 'Suburb' in Shopify video

Reduce checkout conversion, increase conversion rate and reduce potential address errors with this simple change for Australia Shopify stores