MyPost Business Discount Offer – Save up to 30%!

Australia Post is offering all new MyPost Business customers a Discount Code to get some great savings between now and the end of December, 2022.

Simply sign up a brand new account and use the discount promo code below to get access to Band 3 rates, which are a 20% saving on standard domestic shipping and 25% saving on international shipping.

MyPost Business Promo Code with SellerDash and Australia Post

MyPost Business Promo Code

  • What is the offer?

The offer is for new to MyPost Business customers (it cannot be applied to existing accounts) and provides access to discounted shipping rates for 12 weeks, from the date the promo code is entered.

The shipping discounts are based on band 3 savings structure for MyPost Business (see link above for reference) which provide users savings of up to 30% on domestic and 25% on international sending, simply by signing up to MyPost Business and entering the promo code we supply into the MyPost Business dashboard.  

  • Who is eligible to activate the offer?

When the promo code supplied is entered into the MyPost Business dashboard, the 12 week promo offer will only be activated for those who have signed up to MyPost Business after 1st June 2022 or are not currently a MyPost Business customer and sign up to MyPost Business before 31/12/2022
If the promo code is entered into the MyPost Business dashboard by a user who does not fall within these parameters, the promo code will be declined.

  • How is the offer activated?
    This promo code will only be able to be activated/accepted in our MyPost Business system as of 12/9/22. This means that if the promo code is entered by an eligible user into the MyPost Business dashboard prior to 12/9/22 it will be declined and the offer will not be activated. 
  • When does the offer expire?
    The promo code will be able to activated by an eligible user up until 31 December 2022. Please note the user will receive their full 12 weeks on band 3 regardless of whether this 12 week period goes beyond 31 December. The 31 December 2022 date is the last date the promo code can be activated. 
  • Is there any cost?
    This is a fully funded promotion of Australia Post so there is no cost to you – just great pricing for new MyPost Business accounts! .
  • What shipping rates are applicable for MyPost Business customers after the 12 week promo period?
    The savings band a user will move to will be based on the standard spend and save logic for MyPost Business accounts (their MyPost Business spend for the previous 4 weeks).
    For more information on spend and save and discount bands, please view the documentation here.

What is the Promo Code to use?

How to start saving:

1. Sign up for a MyPost Business account

2. Log in to the MyPost Business online portal

3. Select ‘Business Details’ from the menu located under your name, then select ‘Promo code’

4. Enter promo code MPB23$ and select ‘Submit’

Offer valid to new MyPost Business customers only. Offer available from 12/9/2022 to 31/12/2022. MyPost Business Savings Band 3 pricing applies to products purchased for the first 12 weeks. After offer expiry your savings band will be based on your spend on products and services over specific periods using your MyPost Business account, with certain exceptions. Savings apply to MyPost Business products, with certain exceptions. For more information on the spend requirements of each savings band and the lists of exceptions, visit Not valid with other offers.

Promo code is case sensitive and only one use per customer.