MyPost Business Discount Bands

How do they work, and how can I get a discount with MyPost Business?

Australia Post’s online toll for printing shipping labels for small business is called MyPost Business. It provides a great way for small businesses to print shipping labels, and the more you use it the cheaper the labels get.

What are the Discount Bands with MyPost Business?

As of August 2022, MyPost Business has 5 different discount bands that you can qualify for when printing Australia Post labels.

Each Band represents a discount off the standard (Band 0) pricing and varies based on the zone you are sending to.

How much of a Discount can you get?

Australia Post offers :

  • Up to 40% on domestic and up to 35% on international postage
  • Save 33.3% on Extra Cover for domestic and international parcels
  • Each parcel you send counts towards your sending volume, which determines your savings band
  • Australia Post calculates your weekly volume every Saturday, based on how many parcels you send within the previous 8 weeks – or 12 months – (whichever gives you the greater savings)
  • When you qualify for savings, Australia Post adds this to your account; so the next time you send, you pay the lower rate

Where can I see my Discount Band?

To see your current Discount Band, log in to your MyPost Business account, and go to Send and Save in the left menu.

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