Australia Post Tracking for Shopify

During July we added another great feature to our MyPost app for Shopify, giving you the ability to have a complete view of all tracking events for your Australia Post deliveries within your Shopify Admin.

There is no extra cost in the app for this feature.

To access the tracking page, load (or install) our MyPost Business app for Shopify app.

Once you enter the app, click on the Tracking link in the top menu.

The main Tracking page shows a grid of all of the orders we can find in your MyPost Business account.

Note that it can take a few seconds to load your orders (especially if you have thousands), but they will load quickly. You can use the filter box at the top of the page to instantly search and filter orders, by tracking number, name etc. You can also filter by order tracking status.

We offer filtering by these statuses:

  • Initiated
  • In Transit
  • Delivered
  • Awaiting Collection
  • Cannot Be Delivered
  • Refunded

Click on any row to expand the tracking details.

This is a great tool for identifying late deliveries, and delivered where the item is waiting for collection.