MyPost Shipping Shopify app updates July 2020

Missed our feature updates for the MyPost Business Shopify app?


We released a number of updates over the past few weeks including some user experience improvements, so reliabilty improvements and some big speed increased in some parts of the app.

A lot of this work was done on our back end systems, but we also made some nice changes for our users, as listed below:

– A “Filter by Status” option has been added at the top of the Create Labels page to filter the orders that are displayed based on whether a label has been created or not

– Notes from customers are now prominently displayed on each order.

– New “Defined Package Sizes” (in the Packages Settings option on the menu) allowing you to specify the packages you commonly use and then easily select them for each of your orders.

– Pagination of orders limiting the number of orders displayed per page to improve the speed of screen updates and filtering, particularly for larger accounts.

– Display Options to let you choose what details of an order are displayed.

Thanks to all the positive feedback we’ve received over the last couple of days following the release of the new features. Feel free to let us know of any ideas you have for new features that would make creating your shipping process even easier. We’re working on a few more ideas but would love to hear about more.