Sellerdash Feature List


Ultimate eBay Seller Dashboard

eBay Seller DashboardSellerDash has a great Dashboard giving you all the highlights you need to manage your account. Graphs of Traffic and Sales, Sales Comparison data, recent metrics, and more. Plus, you can customise the dashboard page for your own preference by moving data and changing the way it is displayed.


Respond to eBay Messages

Sick of using My Messages in eBay? We provide an intuitive and simple to use interface to respond to customers. We keep messages in threads and link to customer data to make answering messages quick and easy.




eBay Sales Data

View All eBay Sales Orders

From the moment you connect your store, we import all the sales data we can, and keep your history. We provide detailed daily, monthly and hourly (even live!) data on sales volume. Then, drill down further via our sales reports to look at individual sales. All of your Sales data at your fingertips, immediately.



View All Item Listings

Our eBay traffic data graphs and reports are amazing. We go where no other tool does, allowing you to sort, filter and search items, analyse their growth or decline in listing impressions, views, click through rate and conversion. We also include this data for individual items too. Amazing data to help you boost your business.


View Rich eBay Customer data

Want to know who your top customers are? How much they order? How many customers have ordered more than twice from you? You can do all this and more with our Customer reports. Drill down and find your best customers. Segment customer data by time, volume, region and more. Powerful segmentation for eBay sellers has never existed like this – until now!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does SellerDash cost?

A. While we are in Beta, SellerDash is free! After that there will be a nominal fee, based on your eBay volume in sales and transactions. Our aim is to offer an app valuable enough to make the fee seem small.

Q. What eCommerce platforms does SellerDash integrate with?

A. At the moment we only integrate with eBay, although we are looking at future expansion.

Q. How many eBay accounts can I connect?

A. As many as you like. Our app only works with eBay stores though. If you don’t have an eBay store, you will need to subscribe to one.

Q. Is there a free trial?

A. Yes, we will have a free trial after our Beta has ended. Until then, Beta access is free.